Collaborative Logistics & Transportation Essentials

Aug. 05 – 06 | Istanbul, Turkey

Aug. 07 – 08 | Beirut, Lebanon

Delivered by:
Saber Middle East
Saber Middle East
Accredited by:
Endorsed by:
Levant Supply Chain Network
Levant Supply Chain Network

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Workshop Objectives

Transportation and Logistics help mobilize your global inventory so you can meet customer demand by getting the right products to the right customer and place, at the right time, in the right condition and for the right price, even as you comply with trade regulations. Thus, the workshop will lead you to the “right stuff” for end-to-end fulfillment and distribution is an essential competency with bottom line implications.

Workshop Outline

This course includes the following modules:

  • Transportation Options & Services
  • Fleet Management & Performance Analysis
  • Network Optimization
  • Information Technology in Logistics
  • Games, Case Studies and Exercises

Target Audience

This course is directed to managers and team leaders involved in handling transport & logistics:

  • Import / Export professionals – Logistics professionals – Transport / Traffic managers – Distribution managers – Transportation planners – Supply Chain managers – Operations professionals – Inventory managers

Training Benefits

This workshop will allow participants to achieve tangible results in terms of:

  • Meeting customers’ requirements and satisfying their demand
  • Rapid response to changes with high quality in logistics
  • Minimum variance in matters such as delivery times
  • Efficient and effective logistics costs
  • Optimal distribution strategy and network configuration

Registration Details

Capacity: 12 participants only (Limited attendance to ensure maximum participation, interaction and benefits for all the participants)

Workshop Deliverables:

  • Attendance inclusive of coffee breaks and lunches
  • Course materials in soft copy format (in English)
  • Language of instruction in both: English & Arabic
  • Exit Action Plan
  • Certificate of Attendance from Saber Academy
  • Optional Certificate of Completion from Saber Academy and Pebble Hills University (USA) upon passing a hour exam

For more info, kindly contact Saber Academy:

HOTLINE  +961 (3) 977 280


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