Supply Chain Management Fundamentals

March 2020 | Beirut, Lebanon

May 2020 | Istanbul, Turkey

Delivered by:
Saber Middle East
Saber Middle East
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Levant Supply Chain Network
Levant Supply Chain Network

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Workshop Objectives

With modern developments, the enterprise’s procurement, manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, transportation and information systems must be aligned to efficiently serve the ultimate customer.

This course focuses on effective planning and management of highly integrated product and information flows from suppliers through the organization to the customer. It provides an in-depth knowledge and practical understanding of all the vital areas across the total supply from planning to execution and control of the operations including feedback loops and capacity considerations.

Workshop Outline

This course introduces the Supply Chain and the challenges faced by SCM (Supply Chain Management). Thus, SCM to be efficient should include the following modules:

  • Essentials of Supply Chain Management
  • Building a Competitive Infrastructure
  • Improving the Supply Chain
  • Simulation Games, Case Studies and Exercises

Target Audience

This course is directed to managers and team leaders involved in administering the company’s operations and logistics in order to add value to the organization’s Supply Chain and impact its performance:

  • Supply Chain professionals – Logistics professionals – Procurement officers & managers – Operations professionals – Production managers – Inventory analysts & managers – Warehousing supervisors & managers – Transport coordinators – Quality Assurance & Control managers – Brand & Product managers

Training Benefits

This workshop will allow participants to achieve tangible results as per the following:

  • Streamline the planning and execution processes
  • Quickly and accurately analyze the impacts of proposed Supply Chain solutions
  • Manage external relationships (suppliers and clients) and respond to unplanned events
  • Improve inventory management and control
  • Reduce time and eliminate waste through implementing a formal planning
  • Meet operations performance goals without overtaxing IT resources
  • Share valuable information by giving multiple users a single, real-time version of the truth
  • Enhance risk management by understanding opportunity and rapidly conducting risk trade-off and response
  • Improve financial performance & cash-flow by arranging the payment terms and methodologies for exchanging funds across entities within the supply chain

Registration Details

Capacity: 8 participants only (Limited attendance to ensure maximum participation, interaction and benefits for all the participants)

Workshop Deliverables:

  • Attendance inclusive of coffee breaks
  • Course materials in soft copy format (in English)
  • Language of instruction in both: English & Arabic
  • Exit Action Plan
  • Certificate of Attendance from Saber Academy
  • Optional Certificate of Completion from Saber Academy and Pebble Hills University (USA) upon passing a hour exam

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