Business Simulation for Supply Chain and Operations

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Saber Middle East
Saber Middle East
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Levant Supply Chain Network
Levant Supply Chain Network

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Workshop Objectives

Supply chain simulation or gamification is an enjoyable way to the comprehension of integrated supply chain concepts, which often presents a complex, challenging learning curve for business professionals. It brings together the classical e-learning and business simulations on a powerfully simple educational online platform.

This workshop is a versatile learning experience that can be adapted to meet the objectives of companies at many points within the value chain, without losing its pinpoint focus on supply chain and operations management.

Our business simulation workshop aims to meet the following objectives:

  • To introduce supply chain principles in a fun and engaging manner
  • To help participants understand a range of supply chain concepts
  • To promote the comprehension of supply chain dynamics
  • To demonstrate the importance of communication in supply chain management

Workshop Content

Providing professionals with the knowledge and understanding about the Supply Chain processes through business simulations on a powerful and simple online platform.

Utilizing our business simulation system, the participants will pass through 6 learning levels to help them improve on their skills related to: demand review, supply review, production review, financial integration, and business results review.

  • Logistics and Supply Chain Planning processes
  • Managing Suppliers orders and organizing an effective purchasing performance
  • Production – bill of materials, Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
  • Inventory Management – Determine reorder points, replenishment of inventory/component stocks, Safety Stocks, Overstock, Inventory Turnover ratio
  • Operations Management – Delivery accuracy, reliability

Target Audience

Whether you are a production or wholesaling company managing your own supply chain, or a logistics service provider who wants to ‘get inside the customer’s head’, you’ll need to attend this workshop to reason about finest solutions to problems faced in today’s global supply chains.

The workshop is directed to managers and team leaders involved in administering the company’s operations and logistics in order to add value to the organization’s Supply Chain and impact its performance:

  • Supply Chain professionals – Demand planners – Logistics coordinators – Procurement officers – Operations managers – Production managers – Inventory analysts – Warehouse supervisors – Quality Assurance officers – Brand & Product managers

Training Benefits

This workshop will allow participants to achieve tangible results in terms of:

  • Build teamwork and improve decision making skills in teams
  • Demonstrate ability to apply management know-how in practical business situations
  • Have the skills required to use Lean tools to decrease expenses and improve efficiency in the Supply Chain
  • Develop analytical methodologies for Supply Chain analysis
  • Develop systematic thinking to understand that every decision affects the whole chain
  • Learn how to optimize the basic cost of procurement, inventory management and transport logistics

Registration Details

Capacity: 12 participants only (Limited attendance to ensure maximum participation, interaction and benefits for all the participants)

Workshop Deliverables:

  • Attendance inclusive of coffee breaks and lunches
  • Course materials in soft copy format (in English)
  • Language of instruction in both: English & Arabic
  • Certificate of Attendance from Saber Academy

For more info, kindly contact Saber Academy:

HOTLINE  +961 (3) 977 280


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