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Workshop Objectives

With today’s global supply chains, maintaining the optimal balance between available stock to meet service levels and investment in inventory is a complex trade-off.

The workshop is designed to provide attendees with the knowledge about inventory management including lead times, carrying costs of inventory, asset management, inventory forecasting, inventory visibility, future inventory price forecasting, physical inventory, available physical space for inventory, quality management, replenishment, returns, defective goods and demand forecasting. This course also explains key performance indicators for inventory: reduction of costs related to holding, ordering, and transporting materials and finished goods at various points along the chain.

Workshop OutlineStock Control

Learn about efficiency in effective inventory management & stock control which will always give a competitive edge to your business, regardless of its nature! This course includes the following modules:

  • Stock Planning & Forecasting
  • Inventory Management
  • Inventory Decision Models
  • Simulation Games, Case Studies and Exercises

Target Audience

This course is directed to managers and team leaders involved in handling inventory:

  • Demand planners – Product managers – Stock analysts – Inventory managers – Supply Chain analysts – Warehouse managers – Operations managers – Procurement managers

Training Benefits

Due to the fact that inventory represents a large investment, improving inventory management promises a significant boost in ROI (Return on Investment). This course allows participants to:

  • Better manage inventory in meeting future demand
  • Cover fluctuations in supply or demand and hedge against price fluctuations
  • Reduce inventory while maintaining economies of scale
  • Understand the correlation between demand forecasting and inventory models
  • Balance among inventory requirements in order to reach optimal inventory levels

Registration Details

Capacity: 12 participants only (Limited attendance to ensure maximum participation, interaction and benefits for all the participants)

Workshop Deliverables:

  • Course materials in soft copy format (in English)
  • Language of instruction in both: English & Arabic
  • Exit Action Plan
  • Certificate of Attendance from Saber Academy
  • Optional Certificate of Completion from Saber Academy and Pebble Hills University (USA) upon passing a hour exam

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